Review Of Nivrel Sea Series Diver Watches Decorated In Red, Yellow And Blue

It's my firm conviction that each watch set must have at least one classic diver watches. I'm not just talking about a timepiece with a 100 meter or more water resistance, I am talking about that appearance, together with the three link metallic bracelet, rotating bezel, and large and bright hour index dial. It's fine, there are few watches which deserve such an homage, the traditional Rolex diving watch is just one of these. But if you don't have an eye on the ilk in your ownership, you aren't only likely to feel left out, but you'll be missing out on a phenomenon of watch ownership where one type of watch, really seems to match perfectly in every occasion and for many purposes.

To fill that end, you have literally hundreds of choices, within a range of design, quality, and purpose. On the low end are $50 Casio watches that to an extent give you a flavor of this appearance. On the high end are good watch manufacturers like Blancpain who can place even Rolex's high prices to shame. Then there are those excellent sub $1000 options of that there are numerous, and now I present you with yet another choice from the likes of German watch powerhouses of Marcello C., Stowa, Limes, and today Nivrel.

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Nivrel Sea collection Diving Watch Makes Sense For Any Collection: Coming in Red, Yellow, And Blue Trim Watch Releases Nivrel watches have a good deal of merits, but I'll save such praise for a different moment, my focus today is on the"Sea" string of diving watches. Of which are the Red Sea, South Sea, and Deep Sea; which accordingly have yellow, red, and blue trim. By this I mean that the hints of the hands are specially colored along with the model name, and also the first fifteen minutes on the rotating bezel scale. The Nivrel Red Sea and South Sea watches just differ in color, while the Nivrel Deep Sea has a deeper depth rating of 1000 meters rather than 300 meters for another two.

Nivrel Sea Series Diving Watch Makes Sense For Any Collection: Coming in Red, Yellow, And Blue Trim Watch Releases Apart from the color alterations, the rest of the watch is a somewhat strict adaptation of the Submariner style of diving tool. Which isn't bad thing. Other manufacturers refine the appearance to best represent their unique brands, while Nivrel took the approach of adding a dash of colour. What is interesting is that other watches in the Nivrel lineup are completely unique to the new, so it must say something about the classic diving watch appearance that encouraged Nivrel to create such a"faithful" version.

In 42mm in diameter, and keeping all the other regular measurements, this is a fantastic opinion to enhance any collection, whether you have and traditional diving watches or not. Years of proven quality and utility have made watch like this type of essential for any watch lover. Prices are very reasonable for what you buy in between $650-$1000 depending on the origin. Some of these watches are still in creation, So you are certain to come across a fantastic example.Click on the film to find out more about divers watches or casual watches, etc..

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last updated Dec. 15th, 2015